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Pro Restore 21, 1 Gal
L&H Industrial Chemicals

Pro Restore 21, 1 Gal


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ProRestore 21 is the ultimate multi surface cleaner. Buffered for safe use and an effective cleaner on most masonry surfaces. It is formulated with a multi surfactant package that allows ProRestore 21 to clean glass and anodized aluminum frames, making it the go to choice for building cleaning and restoration. Whether used on brick, stucco, paint, unpolished marble, concrete limestone, sandstone, wood, vinyl, or composite decking this is just a few of ProRestore’s versatile cleaning applications.

ProRestore 21 is a safe and easy to use non-fuming product and is often used indoors. ProRestore 21 is ready to apply.
Spray it on and rinse off. ProRestore 21 utilizes a safe acidic formula that eliminates the use of Hydrofluoric acid based

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply pure using an acid resistant low pressure pump up sprayer or electric acid pump. After a
short dwell time rinse before the solution dries. Do not run through pumping system or heating coils.Keep out of reach of children. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Use eye, face, and rubber glove protection when handling these contents. Do not store at temperatures above 120 Degree F. Do not allow to freeze.

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