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Ure-Seal H2O Gloss, 5 Gallon Kit



Ure-Seal H2O Gloss, 5 Gallon Kit

USE: ICT Ure-Seal H2O is a 2-section earth benevolent water reducible, completely clear, alaphatic urethane. It is a superior clear covering that can be utilized inside or out to ensure and upgrade any appropriately arranged solid surface for a considerable length of time of administration.

Portrayal: ICT Ure-Seal H2O has superb scraped spot and compound obstruction with a shine or regular completion (Keep at the top of the priority list that the ‘Sparkle’ mix will show up as semi-gleam when connected on block pavers). The gentle scent makes it perfect for inside applications. Ure-Seal H2O won’t yellow and will shape a hard defensive covering for high traffic regions, ledges, eateries, beautifying concrete and block pavers. Ure-Seal H2O can be utilized over epoxy flooring, carport floors, anyplace that high sturdiness and predominant synthetic obstruction is required.

APPLICATION: ICT Ure-Seal H2O is a two segment item. Blend utilizing a low speed drill or jiffy blender for 1-2 minutes. In the event that weakening is suggested, blend parts An and B when water is included. Try not to whip air into the blend. Apply with a sprayer or short rest roller. (rolling is prescribed for indoor applications) Do not have any significant bearing excessively thick or air pockets will shape. In the event that a second coat is required, it must be connected after the underlying coat is dry to contact and outwardly clear, as a rule inside 3-6 hours, yet before it fixes totally, for the most part inside 24-36, hours after the underlying coat is connected. Block Pavers or Hot Surfaces ought to be somewhat hosed with a light fog of water preceding applying Ure-Seal. Don’t Over Hydrate. Hydrate surface just if conditions take into consideration sufficient dry/restoring time. Slight pavers with a sand bed ought to be altogether dry before applying Ure-Seal H2O. The utilization of a quality siphon up sprayer/ceaseless sprayer is suggested . A moderate measure of material ought to be connected. Try not to permit Ure-Seal to puddle. On the off chance that puddling happens utilize a dry roller to “back roll” the material to keep up an even thickness. In the event that you utilize a roller for the use of Ure-Seal utilize a 1/4″ snooze or Micro Fiber roller spread. For dry moving/back moving you will require a 3/4-1″ roller spread. On the off chance that you should see roller checks as you are applying, gently fog those zones with water. This will permit Ure-Seal to settle and shape an all the more even film. Rolling is never prescribed on block pavers or travertine. Travertine ought to be fixed with 1-2 layers of Ure-Seal utilizing the suggested blending and weakening proportions. Communicate ICT Non-Skid Broadcast Blend (495) while Ure-Seal is restoring to decrease trickiness.