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Sure Klean


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Beyond any doubt Klean® 600 is a universally useful, concentrated acidic cleaner for block, tile and solid surfaces. Disintegrates mortar smears and development soil rapidly, leaving the workmanship spotless and uniform with no corrosive consuming or streaking.


  • May not be reasonable for cleaning buff-shaded block and block or tile with manganese or other metallic added substances. See item writing on Sure Klean®Vana Trol®.
  • Not reasonable for cleaning cleaned or certain coated surfaces. Continuously test to guarantee appropriateness.
  • Rehashed applications may leave a cleanser buildup. To lessen potential for cleanser buildup; dependably prewet; wash altogether; don’t surpass two applications.
  • Not successful for evacuating air soil and dark carbon stains. Utilize the fitting Sure Klean® Restoration Cleaner to expel barometrical recoloring from more established brick work surfaces.
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      1 Drum Kit, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallon Drum