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SB-4000, Water Repellent & Salt Protection, 5 gallon pail




-Water Based formula
-Invisible penetrating sealer
-Repels water & protects from salt
-Does not alter appearance of surface
-Will not create a slippery surface
-Does not trap moisture
5-10 year performance

SB-4000 Water Repellent and Salt Blocker Invisible Penetrating Sealer is an infiltrating, breathable silane/siloxane mix, water based, low VOC sealer that shields level and vertical surfaces from water entrance and chloride salt harm from the utilization of de-icers or introduction to salt air. SB-4000 has the consistency of water and is smooth white in appearance when connected and dries clear with an imperceptible completion. A few surfaces may obscure somewhat. SB-4000 isn’t dangerous and surpasses all VOC and EPA gauges. It tends to be utilized inside and outside on both new and old surfaces. SB-4000 can be connected promptly, as its unmatched breathability won’t trap blooming. On new solid, SB-4000 ought to be connected once cement is completely relieved (30 days after establishment). SB-4000 requires two coats. Restored sealer is solidify impervious to – 60°F (- 51°C) and is steady up to a temperature of 180°F (82°C).


Apply when day and night temperatures are between 40°F – 95°F. Stay away from breezy conditions to keep sealer shower from floating. Unsettle or blend before use. For best outcomes, apply SB-4000 at full quality (never weaken) utilizing a low weight sprayer, roller, wipe or cushion. Ensure that the surface is totally immersed. Continuously apply two coats to guarantee total inclusion. It is suggested that this second coat be connected “wet on wet” at right edges to the principal application. Try not to enable surface to dry between coats. Use generously (however don’t permit to puddle) and evacuate overabundance promptly with froth roller. Evade contact with glass. On the off chance that this item is permitted to dry on glass a buildup might be made that isn’t removable. On the off chance that incidentally sprinkled on glass, flush quickly with water. Re-applications may should be done each five to ten years relying upon ecological conditions, for example, climate and volume of traffic. NOTE: Application of this item is out of the control of SEK-Surebond. Application steps ought to be pursued totally and precisely. Should an issue happen with this item, SEK-Surebond limits obligation to item substitution as it were. Purchaser accept all hazard and obligation coming about because of the utilization or abuse of this item.