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PSI Phantom Silver Hi-Flow 5 GPM @ 3000 PSI, Cold Water



Phantom Silver, Hi-Flow Series, 5 GPM @ 3000 PSI, GX390, Comet Pump

Item Application:-

  1. Programmed High Pressure Cleaner
  2. High weight cleaning isn’t just spotless, yet in addition effective
  3. To meet your cleaning needs, an assortment of models can be chosen, there is dependably a reasonable one for you, stable execution, more secure, increasingly proficient.
  4. Propelled acceptance engine has the attributes of low weight and high weight obstruction, can begin typically, unadulterated copper supporter siphon head, quicker profluent, high effectiveness and programmed fumes of water/gas detachment, programmed fumes of air in the siphon, movable weight application extension is more extensive

Fundamental Features:-

  • Business Cleaner
  • High-control
  • Weight and solidness, appropriate for different situations
  • Goodbye to messy autos, filthy patios, grimy pools
  • Steady and solid high voltage
  • Vehicle cleaning, divider washing, pipeline digging, building vehicle cleaning, root cutting and bark stripping, sanitation cleaning, network property cleaning, aquaculture cleaning

Additional information

Weight145 lbs