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LH-675 High Alkaline Vehicle Wash


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LH-675 has been designed to be used through high pressure spay equipment. Set dilution ratio to 1 to 5 parts water at spray nozzle. Do not allow LH-675 to dry on surface. No not use on polished aluminum.

503 H.D. is a prepared to utilize complex definition of earth well disposed weaken acids and one of a kind stable biodegradable surface dynamic cleansers. This item is intended for cleaning the completed item for example Steed Trailers, Recycling Trucks, Feed Carriers, Semi Dumps, Bulk Carriers (milk, flour bond, oil, and so forth.), Wheels, Fuel Tanks, and Cattle Pots at the proprietor’s dimension, at the proprietor’s and armada administrator’s office.

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1 Drum Kit, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallons