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LH-1567 Rubber & Vinyl Dressing


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Rubber & Vinyl is an all-purpose easy-to-use dressing. It penetrates, re-stores, protects and beautifies rubber, vinyl, leather, plastic and wooden items. It waterproofs after drying, withstands multiple washings, blocks out ultra-violet rays, protects from dirt, acid rain and deactivates ozone. Use Rubber & Vinyl on tires, door and window molding, automotive interiors, luggage, furniture, plastics and boats.

Elastic and Vinyl Dressing is the ideal treatment to reestablish blurred guards and trim; and invigorate the shade of blurred elastic and outside plastic parts.

  • Uproots air and dampness from permeable lower layers
  • Invigorates the shade of blurred plastics, glass fiber plastics, elastic trimmings and vinyl
  • Guarantees enduring security and does not spread (contains silicone)

The item is utilized in the accompanying regions:-

  1. Guards
  2. Entryway handles
  3. Spoilers
  4. Ventilator covers
  5. Bull bars

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1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallon Drum