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Agent Halt


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This high-quality bleach neutralizer and surfactant is ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to sensitive siding or external surfaces. It contains a scent cover, and is ideal for rinsing bleach residue from your equipment, hoses, pumps and vehicle.

Specialist Halt:

  • 250 mls for each 20 Liter x-stream
  • 500 mls for each 20 Liter for cleaning siphons

Basically make a little cluster of weakened operator end and course through 12V and Booster Pumps, Proportioners, lines and even wash your trailer, plate and tanks down.

Apply straightforwardly to rooftop frameworks, gardens, plants and blooms to reestablish a fair Ph nonpartisan enviroment subsequent to washing with Alkaline or Acidic cleanser arrangements..

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1 Gallon, 5X, 1 Gallon, Case, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallon Drum