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Engine Pulley, 4/3V3.35SH, 3.35 OD, 4 Groove Sheave



No compelling reason to strain your back when you can derrick ropes, belts, and links easily with this standard v-belt pulley from TB Wood’s. Estimating 3.35 in distance across and for various v-belt segments (3V)

Four notch 4-3V3.35 pulley for use with 3V-segment belts. Requires separate SH-type bushing.

  • Particulars: Datum
  • Distance across: 3.3E: 1 5/32F: 1 29/32H: 1/2L: 1/4O.D.: 3.35
  • Constuction type: Block
  • Bushing: SH
  • Weight: 2.05 lbs