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Downstream Soap Injection Kit, 5.5



Downstream Soap Injection Kit, 5.5

This too downstream injector pack incorporates all that you have to begin downstream. Simply select a synthetic injector, include some fast couplers and a compound strainer.

Utilize the Super Downstream Injector to sidestep your siphon when applying destructive synthetic compounds, cleansers or acids to help keep up a more drawn out life on your siphon. Works with up to 300 feet of the weighted hose.

Keep garbage from entering the siphon by utilizing a Chemical Strainer. Cleanser enters through strainer keeping flotsam and jetsam from entering the siphon. This is a strong option in contrast to lightweight cleanser strainers. The progression down hose thorn will join to either 1/4″ or 3/8″ hose. An inside metal weight keeps cleanser strainer in the base of the cleanser compartment. It incorporates inherent hardened steel and Viton check valve to forestall water stream once more into the cleanser strainer.