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Brass Tire Sidewall Brush



Brass Wire. 5/8″ trim length. Block type, foam plastic. Block length 8-1/2″. Tight-packed brass bristles safely remove dirt and grime. Can be safely used on white sidewalls and all rubber tires. Foam block handle for a firm grip and easy use.
Thickly pressed, metal wire, steel wire, or nylon fibers staple-set into a froth square. Fibers are pleated for included quality. Extraordinary for cleaning white sidewall tires, and for stripping paint for home furniture restoring.

Here and there tires experience probably the dirtiest things out and about. Soil, mud, and grime stand no counterpart for the solid and safe metal fibers of the Brass Tire Brush. Not exclusively is this instrument a brisk and simple approach to stretch the life of your tires, this is additionally the ideal assistant to keep things that don’t have a place on your tires off for good. The solid fibers help to set up the tire dividers for molding, helping you accomplish a splendidly normal completion for your tires. During any wash or tire detail, make certain to give your tires new existence with the Brass Tire Brush.

Additional information

Weight0.8 lbs
Dimensions9 × 3 × 2 in