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3/8″ x 50′, 1-Wire Hose @ 4000 PSI, Rental (Week)

3/8″ x 50′, 1-Wire Hose @ 4000 PSI, Rental (Week)



Temperature Rating: Landa hoses are evaluated for ceaseless temperatures up to 250° F.

Effectively distinguished: Permanently decorated recognizable proof makes for simple following and proprietor assurance.

Affirmed Burst Protection: Landa hoses meets the stringent UL-1776 security measures with two hose watches – including a 24″ sleeve on the firearm end – for included administrator assurance against blasts.

One of a kind Coupling: A ” nibble the-wire” coupling really achieves the wire mesh for never slip maintenance, far better than the “pressure” fittings utilized on traditional hoses.