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230V, Fuel Solenoid Valve Complete




230V, Fuel Solenoid Valve Complete #R753N (Black)

Circuitous worked 2/2 way Burkert solenoid valve with treated steel body, 1-1/2 inch strings and a 230V AC (50Hz) loop. The circuit capacity of the solenoid valve is typically shut (opens when electrically empowered). Reasonable for frameworks with a working weight of 0.2 bar to 16 bar and a most extreme temperature of 80 °C. For legitimate task, this in a roundabout way worked valve requires a positive differential weight of 0.2 bar. For a shut framework, for example, a cooling unit, a legitimately worked valve or an electric ball valve is increasingly appropriate. The hole is 40 mm and the Kv-esteem is 30m3/h. The Kv-esteem is utilized to compute stream rate: at 1 bar differential weight (water) the stream rate is roughly 500 l/min.

The 6281 valve is a backhanded worked solenoid valve of the S.EV arrangement. To open and close, the valve utilizes the weight distinction over the delta and outlet ports. Thusly, dependably a negligible weight differential is required. Because of the unique structure of the layer and valve situate, the valve works discreetly. The metal lodging fulfills all European drinking water prerequisites. The 6281 arrangement is accessible with a wide assortment of alternatives, for example, other lodging materials, ATEX variants, manual supersedes and so forth.

This valve has a NBR seal. NBR is appropriate for virus water, packed air and oils. For some different liquids, FKM (Viton) or EPDM have better broad properties.

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Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 2 × 4 in