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1/2″ FPT Tee, Pipe fitting, Steel




The Merit Brass tee is a class 150 treated steel 304 cast pipe fitting with female National Pipe Taper (NPT) strings for interfacing and expanding three areas of male channels or fittings. It has National Pipe Taper (NPT) strings for making more tightly seals than straight strings. Made of tempered steel 304, the lower carbon substance of this tee guarantees higher erosion obstruction than 302 evaluation steel. This class 150 fitting fulfills guidelines ISO 49 and ANSI B1.20.1 for quality affirmation. Class is a standard identifying with resistance, development, measurement, and divider thickness, however it’s anything but an immediate estimation of most extreme working weight.

Pipe fittings are parts utilized for interfacing, ending, controlling stream, and altering the course of funneling in a wide range of ventures. When obtaining channel fittings, think about the application, as this will influence material sort, shape, measure and required strength. Fittings are accessible strung or unthreaded, in numerous shapes, styles, sizes, and timetables (pipe divider thickness).

Legitimacy Brass makes pipe areolas following ISO 9001 gauges for quality confirmation. The organization, family-claimed since 1937 and headquartered in Cleveland, OH, appropriates pipe fittings in the United States and Canada.

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Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in