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Form Release GP,  5 Gallons
L&H Industrial Chemicals

Form Release GP, 5 Gallons


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FORM RELEASE GP is a silicone-based, non-toxic, nonflammable coating designed for use on wood surfaces and industrial equipment to prevent other coatings from sticking to treated surfaces.

FORM RELEASE GP is to be applied via spray gun or pump up sprayer to the wood and equipment to be protected. It will remain slick and provide the barrier that prevents the production product from sticking or building up and is easily removed with high pressure water with detergent.


FORM RELEASE GP is to be diluted 5 parts water to 1 part FORM RELEASE GP. Thoroughly clean equipment to be treated. Fill pump up sprayer with the diluted FORM RELEASE GP. Using the pump up sprayer, coat all areas of the equipment to be protected. To clean and remove the
FORM RELEASE GP simply clean equipment thoroughly using our pressure washer detergent and a hot pressure washer. After equipment air dries, recoat with FORM RELEASE GP.

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