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Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer, 12V Battery Powered

Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer, 12V Battery Powered


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12v Rechargeable, 4 Gallon Tank

Electrostatic Spraying improved product adhesion to the surface, the media sprayed is broken down into very small charged particles that are attracted to the surface. This Electrostatic attraction allows for coverage of more surfaces surfaces than relying on a gravity based spread of the droplets. The positively charged droplets will wrap around surfaces and attach themselves on vertical surfaces as well as the underside surface.

Powered by pulsed electric motors this sprayer produces spiral vibrating air to carry the droplets onto the surface. The high pressure tips break the liquid down at the nozzle instantly with the fluid nebulizing into a mist with particle size from 5 to 50µm (micron). The sprayer sends this fine mist or fog rapidly spreading into the air offering a high penetration and and adhesion.

Note: Be Careful! If you do not seal the lid tightly and dry off the backpack before you get started you will likely get shocked.

Electrostatic spraying offers the best efficiency and coverage when sanitizing, deodorizing spraying insecticide, disinfection or deodorizer. Generally you can use 50% to 65% less chemical to complete the same task,

This 12v Battery powered sprayer allows complete independence when spraying to allow movement around obstacles, furniture, equipment and cubicles. Use a wand when you have large areas to spray, dozens of picnic or lunch/breakroom tables for instance.

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